Attuning Yoda: Reiki Students Take On The Master!

Reiki master students this weekend took on the challenge of practicing their Reiki attunements on master Jedi, Yoda himself.  Reports from students included that they felt his strong presence and Yoda, who also is animated, chirped in by telling us “Disturb my meditation you have” but he forgave us by saying “May the Force be with you”.

Yoda was a fun break in between attuning each other, going over the ins and outs of teaching Reiki and learning about our own authenticity, all part of embracing the Reiki master within.  Not for the faint of heart!  After all, the process of becoming a Reiki master takes years of practice and dedication to this healing art.

As always, I feel that play is an important part of the learning process.  We adhere to the boundary needs of clients, we conduct ourselves in professional manners, but if we can’t have fun in our training and dialogue with each other, what’s the point?

This weekend, both classes, Reiki 3 and Master had that element of fun and play within the context of the course material.  Advancing on the path, I feel, should not be a solemn and grim undertaking.  There are enough challenges we confront as advanced practitioners and masters in training.

So long live Yoda and the spirit of play, the Force will be strong with you!


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