Connecting to roots and making new ones: CA recap

This 300 year old tree in Northern CA is a good image to represent the purpose of my Reiki trip here.  My parents came out from AZ to support me and help drive the 400 miles we did in one day.  The Bay Area, as mentioned in my prior blog is ripe with wanting Reiki roots to grow and flourish.

Contrast that experience to being up in Napa Valley at Sebastopol, although very liberal and holistic, is much, much more laid back.  The group of 15 I presented to seemed more interested in taking the Reiki experience and utilizing the technique as a cultivating tool for their own self growth, rather than spreading it out into the world at large.

Maybe its the surrounding culture, acres and acres of rolling hills with vineyards, the cycle of harvest permeates the air.  The focus is on nurturing the gentle inner process of growth.

Along the road trip with my parents,I learned much about what makes me ‘me’.  The way my mom organizes information to make sure we have the directions of where to go.  The spontaneity of my dad who keeps things fluid and moving.  Each stop in CA, my mom had also arranged for distant cousins to meet us for various meals so we could reconnect and learn about our Dutch family history.

I saw in each cousin resemblances of my grandparents and realized that they had come to this country exactly 100 years ago, creating a legacy of descendents, many, non-coincidentaly who are involved in healing and helping professions:  nursing and daycare as two examples.

We’ve all grown up differently, and yet, each of us is committed to making a difference in the world.  So I have to give some respect for the theory of ‘nature vs. nurture’…I do feel our genetic code can be quite influential in releasing the potential of any given family member.  Interesting observations.

I sit in the San Jose airport, an hour to my departure, gazing out across to the mountains, hazy in the sun.  I know I’ll return here for more connection and more expansion of Reiki.  The roots are starting to take hold….


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  1. Melanie Carey
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 19:29:56

    Beautiful and inspiring Eileen. Received much joy from reading.

  2. Melanie Carey
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 19:31:29

    Beautiful Eileen, received much joy from reading. Love, Melanie

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