My cat has taught me to shamelessly embrace comfort

I’ve been enjoying my new bed and so has my cat Comet, seen here lying in the lap of luxury.  He has the same expression I have after laying on it for a while, “Now you expect me to get up? I’ve sunk in and now I’m stuck in it!”.

But Comet reminds me of something important and that is to be grateful for and enjoy this bit of comfort and not take it for granted.

I haven’t always embraced comfort as a goal, seeing a more scarcity approach to life in general in years past.  Frugality and being thrifty is one thing, I still am that.  But I thought I wasn’t being a good enough Buddhist or spiritual person if I sought comfort as an end goal.

I thought that somehow being too comfortable would separate me from my compassion for others.

There are enough people in the world who use their experience of comfort as a buffer from the suffering of the world, and I didn’t want to be that.

Over this last year, as I’ve gone through various physical aches and pains, my body has forced me to slow down, let go of various obligations and spend more time with Comet, and in the process, seek comfort.

And in seeking that pursuit, my compassion has actually gotten much wider and deeper for others.  I have more to give.  Even when my body reacts in pain, its temporary and passing, and I still feel supported in abundance.

Thank you Comet for imparting some of that wisdom.  Enjoy the bed, sink in a little more!




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