Honoring the power of this massive solar storm

Our sun is reaching out to touch us.  The solar storm that has reached our planet is giving us a truly phenomenal display of Northern Lights.

The flip side of such flares reaching earth have been communication interuptions that have already happened in China.  Electrical grids might get damaged too.

Maybe it’s the wisdom of the sun in breaching our electrical communications and wanting us all to connect in more personal and less technical ways.

I’d rather go in that direction of thought than fearing the destruction of the world or burning up to a crisp as in the movies Knowing and Sunshine.

But I’m still going to honor the power of this massive solar storm reaching out to us this week.  I’m going to take a long walk in the sunshine today and reflect on the delicate balance we share with our great glowing orb in the sky.

Photo credit: http://www.twotsi.com/pages.php?word=solar%20flares%202012&act=show


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