Social media is Digital Nibble! Mmmmm..taste these tidbits!

People on Facebook in the US at least, like simple quick things, like little digital snacks.  Tasty treats for the mind and soul.  Although, has anyone asked what exactly we are consuming?

Oh right, it’s social media.  “Interactive communication”.  “User-generated”.  These are the terms to define what it is we do with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp,, etc., etc.

This week I realize I’m probably hooked in to about a dozen different social media sites.  I like to think I’m ‘connecting’ through this medium, but maybe I’m just generating info to be consumed.

So what gets digested on a daily basis?  What is this ‘thought food’?

Photos seem to get more comments than videos.  Photos that get the biggest ‘likes’:  children, pets, unusual poses, food (a guess, I’m trying it with this blog).

Quippy, witty sayings also get gobbled up.  But I’m not sure FB people like advice unless its quoted by someone famous.

Sometimes the content seems more like junk food, and hey, I like my cheeseburgers on occasion too.

But that’s why I’m happy to have a blog, a book and the next one I’m writing.  A little bit more of nourishment.  It requires a bit more patience to read through, to take your time to savor, just like you would a well prepared meal versus a quick snack.

What’s another way of presenting news and thoughts, has anyone asked that?  How do you sit around the fire over the computer and tell ghost stories? Can you create an app for a live fire and have interactive dialogue while we roast virtual marshmallows?

There is no substitute for a live group full of saucy debate and mouth-watering opinions.

That’s why I continue to teach Reiki, see clients and hold circles in person.  Yes, we’ve got our email groups for messaging, but there is no substitute for the live exchange of energy.

And yes, it requires time to go to these events.  But how do you want to fill up your day?  With nibbles or nourishment?

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