Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

I feel the Universe laughs when I get all mopey and down on myself.  If my cats could laugh, this is what they’d be doing…saying, “Get over yourself Eileen!”

So I am, slowly but surely.  Today I’m taking a brisk walk  to stretch my muscles and joints that have been giving me a bit of aches these last days.  I get my ‘treat’ for this walk at the destination of my chiropractor who will hopefully help straighten a bit of this out.

Reiki has certainly helped.  Resting too.  But really, tell me, who ‘likes’ pain?

I don’t think it’s possible to ’embrace’ it…tolerance might be a better strategy.  Actually not focusing on it is really the key.  Insight Reiki has helped give it as much space as possible.

So I’m going on a bit of distraction today, it’s sunny and cold and maybe I’ll have a lunch date with my sweetie later.

I love the time I’ve had to write, but it’s kind of hard to move and write.  I need to look at that voice recognition software again, because if it can capture my thoughts and translate to text, I’m going to write my next book hiking and walking all over this town.

So mote it be!!

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