Happy Endings or Contented Closures?

No, not THOSE kind of happy endings…geez, get your minds out of the gutter!  But in a recent dialogue amongst good company (ladies, you know who you are!!), we talked about the need as bodyworkers to end the session off on a good note, and not THAT kind, pleeez!

I mean, you don’t pay to get a massage or Reiki session and want to leave feeling angry or achy, right?

And I agree, when it comes to spa services, that the goal should be relaxation and rejuvenation.

However, I, like other colleagues I know, also see clients who utilize bodywork to go deep into emotional or physical issues that the clients want released.

Whether it’s working meridians, fascia or through integrative therapy, that experience of uncovering deep wounds can be, well, painful.

So my general approach to such sessions is to allow as much space and time needed for ‘processing’, but I do like to finish the session with some calm, soothing Reiki that allows one’s nervous system to calm down and integrate what has been brought up.

Yes, I have intention for a gentle ending to the session where a person feels put back together and more or less complete.

I wish I could call it a happy ending without that phrase having the vulgar meaning that it implies.

So instead, I’ll just say, my intention for each Reiki session is  contented closure, actually, a bit more accurate.

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  1. Bruce Magnotti
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 17:54:49

    This is a very cute article and we know exactly what you are talking about, both the contentment that folks feel after a Reiki session, and the “happy endings” that some offer as part of their “services”.

    I must point out that there is nothing in “the gutter” about a mind that moves in the direction of physical pleasure in the sexual realm. And, perhaps more importantly there is nothing “vulgar” about the meaning attached to “happy ending”.

    We have been and still are developing what we call Sensual Reiki which is practiced with far less clothing than “traditional” Reiki. Many clients prefer the intimacy and close contact as well as the reawakening of the very sensitive skin receptors that are often deadened by the constant wearing of clothing.

    As a neuroscientist I know that these sensitive skin receptors are the very perceptual aspects of the human body that have the ability to perceive energy and energetic exchanges. These are the sensory systems that can perceive the flow of Reiki and they habituate quickly through a process of adaptation.

    Sexual orgasm as part of the process of Sensual Reiki is NEVER encouraged, and that would in fact be drifting into an area that may have legal and ethical consequences.

    However, the term orgasm is totally misunderstood and related almost solely to the sexual realm. A sentient being expresses the life energy, the Reiki that is generated within their bodies, through the various channels (often called Chakras) in many different ways. Laughing, crying, even anger outbursts, are a few examples of this expression and are in fact “orgasms”. Any arousal of the body that results in an overflow of expression can be considered a “climax”.

    Whether in the sexual realms or any other arena, these climactic experiences are part of the natural flow of the human energy. Perhaps referring to the sexual aspects as “vulgar” may be a perpetuation of the misunderstandings that lead people to have disease and pain in their bodies.

    referring to ANY bodily function as “vulgar” does not serve us or our clients.

    Again, I think the conclusions of this article are essential and well thought out, and the references are cute and funny. I also appreciate the opportunity to respond and make the clarifications that I feel are important.

    Bruce Magnotti
    Reiki Master

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