Healing the Waters: Duwamish Blessings to start up May 15th

It’s only a few months away, but the Duwamish Blessings will start up again in May, on the 15th from 7-8pm and continue on through the summer for another 6 months of community, camaraderie and healing to this beautiful river in South Seattle.

The powerful healers involved in these blessings in the past, Rose De Dan and Sha’ari Garfinkel will take part and the Reiki community is invited to attend.

Here is a recap of our work last year, taken from the chapter in my book, Touching the World Through Reiki.

Healing the Waters with Reiki

This is a story of the convergence of healers, healing intention, and helping the planet by surrendering to something greater than one’s self and gently holding space for what will occur.

The Duwamish River blessings the Reiki Fellowship became involved in begins with the work of Dr. Masura Emoto, who has photographed the effect of healing intention and positive versus negative words on the crystalline structure of water. When he was coming to Seattle on a speaking engagement, his coordinator asked me if I would facilitate healing blessings of various areas of water in the Seattle, as Dr. Emoto was leading other blessings for the Puget Sound.

The Reiki Fellowship initially held two simultaneous blessings: one in the north part of the city at Green Lake Park and the other at the south end at the Duwamish River.

The Duwamish served as a main artery through the Puget Sound for the Native Americans before the settlers came. Once white settlement came to the Sound, industry cropped up along the river, and in the last century, much of the river had become so polluted it was declared a Superfund site.

After the first blessing we did, the Boeing company, whose factory over the years had contributed much of the pollutants to the river, announced it was going to offer two million dollars for a cleanup to begin next year. So, we decided to repeat the blessings each month. Dr. Emoto was encouraging other healers and community members around the world to continue the process each month for six months and then take a water sample to see the final effect.

Overall, the process of the Duwamish blessings has reminded me of all the Reiki work I have done and continue to do:

  • Gathering people together to participate in classes, circles, and sessions;
  • Developing the healing technique of Insight Reiki, which came out of my training and background as a counselor;
  • Taking Reiki out into various environments, corporate, theater, and outdoors and delving into working with veterans on their own healing.

It’s just a beginning in touching the world through Reiki.

Many other practitioners around the world have brought Reiki into healthcare settings, conducted research, developed other integrated methods to further the technique. I feel if the founder of the system, Mikao Usui, could have witnessed the evolution of how far Reiki has come since its humble beginnings, he would be proud.




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