Dealing with the unknown: the space of not-knowing

Ah, the space of not-knowing.  It’s not a comfortable place at all.  What’s going to happen?  How is going to happen?  What can I control?  Can I control anything?

It’s a downward spiral if we keep following the fear aspect of not-knowing, because the fear will take over, and in effect, make us paralyzed.

When you are in that paralysis, you become stuck, energy does not flow and it’s difficult to move in any direction.

I’ve been in this place, like most of us, many times over.  But as I’m going down the spiral, if I can acknowledge what’s happening sooner than later, I’m able to stop the process.

Half-way down I can decide, do I continue toward despair or do I realize that I actually have the choice to begin climbing back out and making some changes.  Even if the first change is just acknowledging I can make the change.

So that starts the spiral spinning the other way.  And maybe the next thought is, I’m going to now reach out to others to tell them about my situation.  And, oh no!  maybe ask them for help.

That asking for help is enough to send you down the other way because we are so modest in this self-efficient, and yet, there are times when asking for help is really what we need to do.

So you ask.  And you receive.  And then you are able to be brought up to the starting point, of where you felt the initial dismay.

Phew!  Ok, now you are on the plateau, and it looks really flat and open and there aren’t any markers in sight.  So…don’t push, don’t rush it.  Take a moment, take in the breath of being in that initial space of not-knowing.  It is vast…because, the other side of it, which is where you are now headed, is that it’s full of potential.  It’s laden with opportunities…it’s just a different perspective than being in the middle of the land where there are forests, lakes, abundance.  You are on the perimeter.

So take stock of your inventory and supplies.  Get ready for the journey across the plateau of not-knowing and be prepared to be surprised.  There are many wandering souls such as yourself out here, maybe you end up collaborating your efforts.  Maybe you decide to stay put for awhile and camp out.

As you regain your sense of center, you’ll have more energy for the path.  And along that path you’ll have new ideas because the not-knowing place is filled with them.  It asks you to be quiet and look within.  Be still.  Honor the pause.

And out of stillness will come the genesis for new beginnings.  Trust and receive.

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