Where’s the Reiki Superheroine?

Just got back from Comicon Seattle.  I kept hoping I’d see the Reiki Superheroine, an etherial goddess who would shapeshift between human and energy forms.  How cool would that be?  But alas, instead, there were hundreds of depictions of superheros like Wonder or Cat Woman in tight outfits, buxom, banishing the bad guys by their curves.

Where’s the earth goddess superhero?  How about all the amazing visual images from Indian and Tibetan mythology?  Why weren’t they represented?

If I see another doe-eyed waif image I thought I’d go nuts.  But luckily, my sci-fi heroes from Star Trek:   The Next Generation (TNG)  were there to remind me of the magic that can happen through television and film to depict extraordinary events.

We met Brent Spinder, who played the character Data on TNG  of which I was a total fan.  He signed his Independence Day movie headshot for us and I got an opportunity to talk to him about Reiki actually.

Also saw Jonathan Frakes, who played #1 Commander Riker on the show.  William Shatner will be there tomorrow.

But walking around this sci-fi and fantasy mecca I realized that many of the artists displaying their wares through comic books, paintings, posters, etc. were missing an interesting point:  the domain of the metaphysical.

It’s supernatural, afterall, which lends itself rightfully so to fantasy and science fiction.  A reason why I am a fan of TNG and X-Files and the genre as a whole.

Star Wars is old news, but Yoda was the first Reiki master to me, before I knew anything about Reiki.

Sigh.  Different times.

I’ll be in Orcas tomorrow, but maybe Captain Kirk will carry the torch of sci-fi…more than likely, probably get more business for priceline.com, embracing  his reinvention as their action hero.

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