Inner Beauty Secrets: Take time for self-nurturing

Tonight I had the honor to attend a fabulous presentation and demonstration by Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant, Shelly Shelley, LMP at the Integral Loft in Seattle.

I always make it a priority to give myself Reiki each day, but since I met Shelly, I’ve incorporated NYR into my self-care.  The aromatic and botanical combinations of each product energetically balance out any stress I might have and return me to a balance state of mind!

Shelly started us off with a relaxing meditation to have us focus on our lovable lumbar plexus, guiding us along for a virtual experience of the botanicals in store for the evening.

Then passing around the essential oils of rose, geranium and frankincense we got to choose which fragrant state of mind we were in to then further explore the creams, potions and lotions of that essence.

Geranium has and probably always will be my favorite, it both relaxes and rejuvenates my delicate energy system.  The women who attended got to play with other essences as well and bring into their worlds a first step toward inner beauty and self-nurturing.

Some say beauty is skin deep, but NYR products go further and calm the nervous system, allowing the body and mind space for healing.  Shelly brought the point home by explaining how our nervous system needs to slowww down.  Tonight we definitely got to experience that.

Thank you Shelly and thank you NYR for reminding us all of true inner beauty secrets and sensations!!!


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