After the tsunami, time to connect and help heal

This immense power begs to have humble humans bow their heads in awe.  Yes, there is still so much to do in rescue and helping and sheltering and stabilizing….but the force, I feel, does need a certain amount of acknowledgement and reverence.

The waves on one side of the earth that reached out and literally crashed into the land on the other are the voices of our earth reminding us of our mortality, our vulnerability, and our necessity to connect to one another.

What else do we have?  When you look at whole towns being washed away, buildings shaking, cars and boats tossed aside, what remains:  the living creatures of the earth.  And even they are transient.

But it is through reaching out to others that the ability to ask for and receive help can happen.  Japan is doing that.  The US is helping.

At this time, I feel honored to be volunteering with the Red Cross and to also be having them come to the Reiki Sanctuary on March 20th from 5:30-6:30pm and give a presentation on disaster preparation.   Then afterwards we are doing a Reiki circle and will send much needed light to Japan.   Please join us if you are interested.


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