Loving that inner child

It started with seeing clowns perform last night.  I reminisced with my boyfriend Richard about the fun times we had as kids.  How I loved to dress up, be silly, clown around.   Ah, yes.  Well, then there were the times where, well, it would have been great to have come to each other’s defense of bullies and other meanies who didn’t quite get our creative and sensitive natures.

I felt during our conversation in a way we actually time traveled back some 30 years ago because we started looking and sounding like kids in the way we were recounting stories.

I would have loved to have had my own hero to come with his cape and swoop away all the meanies in elementary school.  Richard broke into his superman-inspired voice (“Stand back, I’m here to help…”) and swore his protection to me.  It was very sweet and cute.  BFF’s!  (Best friends forever in case you didn’t know)

But I’m reminded that in addition to having a hero to save me through the darkest night I also needed to send love back in time and space to little me.  Through our storytelling we did that and some distant Reiki.

I have a greater sense of peace and fonder memories of being a kid even in big bodies.

And every week as I keeping holding space for the Artist’s Way group, I get to take myself on an artist date–fun fun!  I love blogging each day too.  It’s really important to me and I feel many creative and sensitive people to reconnect and nurture that child-like spirit.

So do something fun, creative and yummy this weekend, find your hero or heroine and remember to love your inner child.  It’s the light that shines from within!

Going to play with my friends in Spokane today and talk about Touching the World Through Reiki.

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  1. Rose Mumford
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 08:07:00

    they say that if we can have childlike faith it is a wonderful thing… never let go of your inner child it keeps you young and brings back joy and inner energy.. I love what you are doing… I will be sending you blessings to continue your awesome journey.. Meeting you was a highlite of my life… need any more biomats??? just let me know.. in light rose

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