Feeling renewed through my tummy!

Wish my belly looked so good, but you get the idea.  Had an incredible visceral massage yesterday from my dear friend Shelly and colleague at the Tummy Temple in Seattle.

Its been many years since I had such an experience and I’m noticing with this process, new things are processing and clearing.  Getting the junk out in a manner of speaking.

It’s time for spring cleaning and it’s started on the inside and working its way out!

It’s such a delicate part of the body and yet is so important for all that we take in every day.  So I’m noticing I feel lighter and more centered.

But then, in Chinese medicine, this is the seat of the soul, the Tan Tien or Dan Dien depending on how you want to pronounce it.

After my session yesterday, my inner child popped out of my stomach and DEMANDED some chocolate…so luckily there was a store nearby and a chocolate bar readily available.  Yummy!!!

Today it’s more subdued, and I’m happy to have a whole bunch of time to get back into my art and painting in between clients and other work.  Important to play if the urge strikes you!

Thank you yummy tummy!!!


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