Are you satisfied?

All the years of education, training, relationships, moves, projects, publications, fame, recognition.  Is that enough?

Are you able to savor the experience or hastily gulp it down, waiting for the next sip to appear?

Can you appreciate that which makes up the moment?  Does that bore you or is it too mundane?

Where lies the excitement within you and have you given it enough room to expand?

Will you?  What holds you back now?

What happens if you imagine your full potential right here and right now?

Would it be bright like the sun?  Or does it have another texture, like the ocean? How much of that are you truthfully living in right now?

What needs to change?  What needs to release?

If you give your imagination permission to this dream, notice where the resistance is.  What the arguments are.  Acknowledge them but do not dwell.  Your potential lies in the soul you were born with.  Its always been there.  Parts of it have become expressed already.  Some pieces will always and forever lay dormant because a human life span is only so long.  Unexpressed potential is neither bad nor good.  It doesn’t make you less of a person if that last ounce isn’t expressed.  Relax and breathe into the being you are right now.  Its enough.

Planning for the future is like trying to build a house in the ocean.  It will never last.  You can’t even plan the breath you are breathing right now.  This is your soul’s decision to take.  The idea of having control over one’s destiny is just that-an idea.  Yes, there are certain steps and processes we can take to help guide us along on a particular path, but what the path ends up looking like, that is beyond our domain.  Some of it is fate, coincidence or serendipity if you prefer.  Some is karma from the past.  The other forces that shape your path are influenced from greater levels all around-people and places you exist in.  So surrender this need for control.  For having a plan.  Have a life instead.  A full one.  Where you totally fill out the details.


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  1. foresightyourctpsychic
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 09:11:55

    An interesting post but I think missing one factor

    If I were to realize my full potential at this moment, it would still not be completion. Part of my full potential is that I always will be growing/ learning/ transforming/doing, and so the best of me is a process, not a destination.

    My life incorporates both enjoying the moment and planning for the future. “Be here now” includes the joy of looking at where I want to go next, and turning the compass of my life to face that direction. It is this moment’s fudge brownie and next week’s black cherry smoothie.

    And you can have more than a bit of control over your life by choosing what sets your Soul on fire, as well as letting such thing choose you. This works, as long as you can accept that your choices are not the only wind that fills your sail, and that your plan may need to adapt to all of the winds that blow….


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