Remembering the Florida Keys: Waiting for the Sun

Almost 4 years ago I was soaking up sun in Key Largo, Florida, taking in the rays, wildlife and scuba diving in beautiful, turquoise, bath temperature water.  Sigh.

I’ve been reconnecting to memories of sun and warmth as a warm Seattle spring has yet to fully blossom.  I love living in the Northwest, but the waiting for the sun is, for me, the biggest challenge and the happiest reunion.

Those of you who live or are from sunnier climes take it for granted.  I can say that with some authority, I lived in Arizona for several years when I was going to college there.

That’s some serious sun, especially in the summer and you crave shade and coolness.

But Florida sun, moist, fragrant, is familiar and liberating in my soul.  I spent many school holidays throughout my childhood and adolescence in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach, where both my grandparents had retired to.

Those times were always filled with magical discoveries of little lizards peaking out from under orange trees.  I loved the white sand beaches, and when I went back 4 years ago, being in that place filled my soul and heart.  Richard came with me on that trip, actually our first vacation together.  His playful nature returned and he also experienced scuba diving in warm water for the first time.  It’s been hard to contemplate scuba in the chilly Puget Sound since.

We stayed in our own boat nestled in a harbor.  Not to travel on, but to return to after a day filled with the sights and sounds of the Keys, where Southern Florida truly reveals its natural majesty.

I felt quite connected to the energy and essence of Poseidon, the God of the Sea.  Protected, nurtured and refreshed, even if I was only dipping my feet in his paradise.

In a few months, I’ll be returning to warm water, this time of the Carribean, staying again on a boat, this time a cruise ship, exploring the wonders of ancient ruins and provincial Greek isles.  These thoughts warm me on the inside.  Something I need to do in waiting for the sun.


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