Diving into the unknown: proceed with caution

I’ve been diving into the unknown since I began my Reiki journey 15 years ago.  It is a lot like scuba, in that you need to learn some basics before you descend to 60 feet.  The freedom of being underwater is balanced out by that initial training.  From there, it becomes a hands-on exploration of a world where physics and magic coincide.

In this upper world, I’ve learned some ways of coping and dealing with people, projects and decisions that arise.

I realize a skill I need to cultivate more deeply is my intuitive ‘seeing’.  I get a lot of intuitive material when I work with clients through my auditory channel.  I ‘hear’ their complaints, issues, underlying neuroses.  But that skill only gets activated when I am in the practitioner/treatment mode of an individual session.

In public, out and about, I have tended to focus more on the good and the light in others.  Their potentials rather than their problems.

I’m happy NOT to wear any kind of energetic shielding, to fend off their complexities, rather letting light emit from within as my protector and guide.

I still feel thats a better way to approach the world, because shielding or guarding sets up the fear response.  And I’ve always said that ‘fear is the darkroom in which your negatives develop’.  So I choose not to be in fear, but to be in light.  And to also exercise caution in judgment.

Its that caution piece I need clearer seeing of.  I remember years ago, a hypnotherapist trying to have me find a signal for it in my own mind.  We came to the image of an actual red light for ‘don’t proceed’ and green light for ‘proceed’.  And now that I’m writing this, I realize we hadn’t put the yellow light in to ‘proceed with caution’!

So I’m putting that device into my psyche to help with the inner seeing and knowing of when to move forward and go freely, when to slow down and check things out a bit more, and when totally stop and maybe go a different way.

I dive every single day into the world of non-ordinary reality, or, the unknown.  Anything can surprise me.  But now, I proceed a little more cautiously, less of a maverick, more with grace.


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