Celebrating life through new growth

Well, finally planted the blossoming Mt. Fuji cherry tree.  Thanks Richard!  It seems happy in it’s new home and gives a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility to the Reiki Sanctuary.

It is planted in honor of all those who perished in the tragedy in Japan.  Through the new growth of this tree, may that country and it’s people continue to build and thrive again.

I had heard its not uncommon to plant a tree when someone has died, to honor their spirit.  I feel my intuitive pull to get this tree is in line with this train of thought.

As I keep on moving forward along the humble Reiki path, I have discovered so many ways of connecting with Universal Energy, especially through plants and nature.  I feel Mother Nature is Reiki.  It’s probably the place we can feel and sense it the most.

Next month, on May 15th our Reiki Fellowship begins another 6 month pilgrimage to the banks of the Duwamish River to offer blessings from 7-8pm each 15th of the month through October.  Last year’s gatherings were amazing in their community, spirit and environmental healing.

My view is that the botanical and marine worlds are places we can come to pay respects through our silent offerings of peace and healing.  These moments are always so incredibly special and full of so much strength and connection.

Renewal happens whether it is tapping into the rootedness of plants or the vastness of bodies of water that connect everything in this world.

And this world is our only home, at least in this life, so when we feel alone or helpless, Mother Nature is there, in all her creation and destruction.  I bow to her powers and I humbly thank her for the gift of this blossoming cherry tree.


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