Comet the Cat: Gives himself Permission to Receive

If you’ve ever met Comet, my Russian Blue, you know he loves to receive attention, love and Reiki.  Not necessarily in that order.

He is the perfect example of giving himself permission to receive from others.   He quietly, unashamedly takes what you have to offer.  Deep, deep into the depths of a cat soul.  It’s very grounding and soothing for the one offering. Whether it’s holding him in a loving embrace, stroking his soft fur, singing to him, dancing with him, giving a massage, telling him how special he is…he just is the quintessential love sponge.

He just loves to be loved.  He’s making up for lost time as a kitten being given away at the shelter apparently because his prior owners had ‘too many cats’.  Somehow he knew he’d end up in my home with only one other feline, Suki, to keep him company.  The two of them are soft touchstones for my students and clients.  Sometimes they get a little rambunctious and need to be put in another room, which isn’t their favorite thing to be penned up, from their prior experience, but they’ll tolerate it.

As I’m writing this Suki is making all kinds of meowing sounds as if to say, ‘hey, don’t just dedicate that blog to the big guy, remember me too”.  How can I not honor you too little Suki?!  She’s come a long, long way from being the timid and shy creature she was 2 years ago.  She actually gives love and Reiki back to you.  Comet could take a lesson or two from her.  But that remains to be seen.

He’s got his whole persona pretty much figured out.  Why change?  He’s got a good thing going! I swear he seems to be smiling with this insight.  “Ah yes, Permission to Receive, all this adoration, all this love, all this healing, mine, mine, mine…look how far I can go with it, come into my vortex of self-love…remember to treat yourself so kindly.  Don’t give away so much, take time for you”.  Thanks Comet, my little outer space friend.  A whole blog to you, geez, just what you’d appreciate!


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