Love your inner hippie through Reiki!

I went to Woodstock.  No, not the original one, how old do you think I am?!   The one back in ’94.  I read Tarot cards in those days, this was pre-Reiki, but I was getting close to finding out about it.  A year later I ended up taking my first class.

Lots have changed in the decade and more since that time, but the inner hippie remains.  Reiki is but one manifestation of such ‘free love’.  It allows the recipient to alter their consciousness through natural means.

One client of mine is a ‘retired hippie’ and explores the broad depths of her mind through each session.

I can’t help but also get effected, and I am honored to be a fellow companion on each journey.  I always feel elated and expanded after each session with her.

I’m reminded of my experience flowing through Woodstock, the music, the people, the rain (and mud pool plunges!).  I’ve always had an affinity for the flower power era and I enjoyed being able to taste a little of it, albeit a touch modern, in 1994.

Like my forbearers of the original festival, I too felt transformed after connected to so many people in peace and harmony.

I lost my roll of film from that festival (remember we used to have rolls of film?!), so alas, I don’t have anything but my own memories and the fringed suede vest I wore (with original mud from that weekend!).

But I carry the spirit within me through each day, spreading light and love to the world and peace to the people of this great planet.


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