How to effectively express Reiki to others part 2

Preparing to get your feet wet

Speaking in front of a group is a top fear among people, but it can be mastered.  Organizations like Toastmasters offer a structure to perfect the art of public speaking.

I’ve taken acting and voice classes over the years to also hone my own presentation style.  Getting up on stage can be quite fun and gets you familiar and more comfortable in ‘being seen’.  I’ve integrated various methods of comedy into my talks as well.  Humor is an invaluable tool in speaking.  It lets your audience know you are ‘human’ and not some kind of untouchable guru (which some people assume of Reiki if they don’t know anything about it).

I use funny quotes, jokes and stories about my own bumbling through learning Reiki, as well as mishaps with my family’s experiences.

Humor also facilitates a connection to your audience.  A great resource is or for my general humorous quotes:

Diving in

One of the requirements I have of my own master-level students is to prepare a 20-30 minute presentation on Reiki.  Some have combined that presentation with areas of their own interest, such as how Reiki works with hypnotherapy, with animals, in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  Others have chosen to focus on the structure and function of each chakra and the meridian channels as Reiki flows through them.

Each time you explain Reiki to someone or a group, you get an opportunity to learn more about your own connection to this healing art.  Offer to give a talk on Reiki at your community center, church, synagogue, or school

If you do end up giving a professional presentation, preparation is key.  Not only should you have your material down pat, but you should also come with business cards, brochures, and an outline of your talk.

People learn in different ways.  Some are more visual, and appreciate an outline (whether on paper or written out on a board or done through a Powerpoint presentation).  Many are auditory learners and understand information through dialogue and question and answer.  Above all, as Reiki practitioners, we know that the doing of Reiki, the practice of it, is probably one of the best learning tools.


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