The value of deep rest

Yesterday I rested for the whole entire day.  My body could really do nothing else.  A bit of the bug, a bit of overwork, all contributed to that necessity.

At times I was sleeping, but most of the time my mind was quite active as my body was still.  I watched memories and thoughts come and go, some inspiring me to write about and turn into stories.

But most of all, I realized, as I have in the past, the few times I’ve had to totally recluse, I have to totally submit and honor the process.  Regardless of whats on the agenda.  As I know working with Reiki all these years, the body doesn’t lie.  If it says ‘be still’…I’ve got to honor that request.

I’m still a little congested today, but I can move about and be active, to a certain degree.  Its quite fascinating to watch the process of recovery, and amazing.  The system returning to homeostasis.

I’m reminded of my client I’ve worked with this past week who had emergency foot surgery to reconstruct the ankle.  I got to see how he was doing several days later and it was like working on a different person.  The Reiki had allowed him to be discharged 3 days early and he was able to walk in his cast aided only by a walker.

Both of us talked about how our minds keep chatting about all there is to do, but we have to surrender to when our physical beings say ‘pause’.

Deep rest, deep stillness.  It’s like an indulgent sleep that wraps its arms around you to guide you gently back to center.


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