Reiki through the eyes of a child

I think this next writing project is a Reiki book told through the eyes of a 5 year old.  Here’s some of what she had to say yesterday:

Reiki Fish

I was getting ready to prepare some Tilapa fish for dinner.  Lauren was sliding back and forth around in her socks in the kitchen and humming a little song to herself.  She danced around me as I set the oven to preheat.   As I began to bread the fish, Lauren danced in rhythm to the song she was creating,  “We-get- Reiki-by-eating- fish-who-eat-plants-who-drink –Reiki.  We-get- Reiki-by-eating- fish-who-eat-plants-who-drink –Reiki.”

Then she asked me what she had been singing, “We get  Reiki by eating fish who eat plants who drink Reiki, right?”  “The plants are Reiki and then the fish become Reiki., “ Lauren said, stopping her dance and poking at the breaded fish on the kitchen counter.

Looking at the time, I realized I had to get the Tilapa in the oven because our guests were coming in less than an hour.  I looked down at Lauren poking with determination at the breaded filets.

I put the tray of fish into the oven, washed off Lauren’s fingers and took a deep sigh,  “I think I’d use the word ‘energy’ before I’d use the word ‘Reiki’ to describe what the fish become because the plants aren’t going out of their way to provide healing opportunities for other fish, they are more concerned about their own survival.”

“But Reiki is energy, and the plants are giving healing to the fish, because you said yesterday that healing means ‘whole’ and the plants are letting the fish be whole.  And the fish are letting us be ‘whole’ by eating them, right?” Lauren questioned, still determined to get the answer.  She started sliding on the floor again with her socks.

Before I made an attempt to bring this conversation to a close and get changed for our dinner, I thought about what Lauren had just said.  She was right, semantically, that plants were providing themselves so that those along the food chain could become ‘whole’ or maximize their potential through receiving the ‘energy’ of the plant.

Was that ‘Reiki’? In an indirect way, through ingestion, I guess it was.

So, I concluded, “Yes, you are right, the fish are letting us be ‘whole’ by eating them.  We are getting their Reiki”.

“See, that’s what I said, We-get- Reiki-by-eating- fish-who-eat-plants-who-drink –Reiki.”


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