Cultivating the Reiki Career part 1

Whether you make Reiki your full- or part-time vocation, you are creating a career that is distinctly different from the forty-hour work week of a traditional employer. If you go full-time, you will be self-employed because no structures exist (yet) where you can get a paying job as a Reiki master or practitioner. If you work part-time in doing Reiki, you may have a “normal” job in another area, but you still will be involved in some level of self-employment.

By pursuing a creative career in Reiki, you will do work that invigorates you, recharges you, and makes you want to get up in the morning and “go to work.” You will make the world a better place because you do work you love. I feel, in the practice of Reiki, that there is no right or wrong way to create that career, as long as it sustains you and allows you to do this work in the world.

Life is a short, wonderful existence—or can be. Unfortunately, as a career counselor, I’ve met many people who are unhappy in their occupations. Their struggle impacts their family and friends, and by default, the communities around them.

Think of the worker who is stressed out during the day, influencing his co-workers around him. Then, after work, he goes into a supermarket to buy groceries and, because he is still stressed from the job, takes out his angst on the staff in the store and people around him. As he grumbles in his car on the way home, perhaps he is making bad driving choices. The stress of that job has now affected many dozens of people, who, in effect, may have passed on that angst to dozens more.

Reiki as a full- or part-time vocation can offer the world a bit of sanctuary for both the practitioner and recipient, rippling out waves of peace to many others in proximity.

But before you make that jump into Reiki employment and go and get that business license, some level of self-assessment is in order. All the students who complete the Reiki Training Program must attend a business class to create their own plan of action.

Tomorrow’s blog explores the cycle of seasons in relation to tapping into the energy you need for self-employment or starting any alternative career.


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