Etiquette for Reiki circles

Reiki circles are one of the most unique healing environments I have ever experienced.  People come together to give and receive treatments and in the process, increase the amount of Universal light energy in the world.

But there is a certain etiquette for Reiki circles I feel needs to be addressed.

In our circles, we practice quiet Reiki without any shamanic work such as extractions, clapping, blowing, chanting, toning, etc.

There are other circles that permit this, but I’ve found that by having a quiet atmosphere, perhaps with some gentle music, greater relaxation and healing is able to take place.

If you are new to a circle, I always encourage participants to receive a session first to get a feel for how it functions.

Group integrity is the key.  With a well-functioning circle, group cohesion and healing both exponentially increase.

Like any group experience, there are group norms.  In our circles, practitioners place their hands either gently on or just above a participant’s body depending upon what they request.

There may be slight movement of the hands, but traditional practice emphasizes allowing the ki to build by letting the hands rest in one area for 1-3 minutes before moving to the next position.

If the participant wants to talk during his or her session, or if they would like input from other practitioners during their session, those ground rules should be established prior to the the session started.

Also, some men and women only prefer women to offer healing touch.  Clearing the space in between treatments is also advised to keep the ki moving as well as proper grounding at the completion of the circle.  Ask for what you need.

Our next circle is Tuesday, May 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm at East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Ave NE, Seattle WA.  Hope to see you there!


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