Royal Wedding Impermanent & Superman Non-citizen

How more polarized can the world get having a royal wedding watched by over a billion people at the same time as the Southern US having to deal with the death and destruction of tornadoes?

The continuing crises of Japan, Libya, and other aspects of the middle East are contrasted with the comic hero superman giving up his US citizenship to become a citizen of the world.

Let me catch my breath.

Maybe I read the news too frequently, but seemingly many contrasting stories are headlined side by side.  This type of news doesn’t exactly encourage balance.  It actually makes me feel queasy.

But in my work with Insight Reiki, a technique that combines guided meditation, reflection and acknowledgement of symptoms, you give space for each polarized issue that happens to you or the world.  Once each side has been acknowledged, you merge each side and basically turn black and white into gray…or insight.

So, this is what I realized when I did the technique on the wedding vs. tornado destruction in the South:

The veneer of the royal pomp and circumstance can just as easily be transformed in an instant, nothing lasts forever, even the royal monarchy.  I came to a reaffirmation of the impermanence of all things.  However, I wouldn’t go telling this to Kate.

When I did the technique on Libya/Middle East vs. superman giving up his US citizenship I got this:

Maybe the Middle East actually could use a universal representative to assist with all the differences.  Nationalism and dictatorships can promote rebellion.  Maybe superman has the right idea.  Not sure how the Muslim Brotherhood would feel about that.

Finding balance with polarities, in our worlds and in ourselves, can help to reduce the stress often felt in things that are seemingly opposite.  Insight Reiki is one way.  Turning off the news, perhaps another.


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