The beginning for Reiki masters

This weekend, a group of 6 advanced Reiki students will take the first step toward becoming certified Reiki masters.

They are ending one chapter of their training, and now will begin applying it in practice, under mentorship and guidance to upcoming classes.

In their “Reiki Master Rights and Responsibilities” workshop, they will each present demonstrations and talks on various aspect of Reiki to demonstrate proficiency.

I always am so amazed at how far they have come, some only in the span of 6 or 7 months.

Others have taken over a year.  Each student walks their own Reiki path.

After presenting to their peers, we then go into the attunement space for several hours, practicing this sacred ritual, giving and receiving in hightened energetic space.

It’s a graduation and a passing of the torch.  I smile with pride.


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