To Kindle or not to Kindle

Since the release of my book last October, readers have been asking me if I am making a Kindle version of Touching the World Through Reiki.

Initially, my answer was ‘no’ because I was going on book tour, hence the need and desire to have a tangible ‘book’ to both sell and share with the world.

My book tour is officially coming to an end on June 4th in New Jersey.  Yes, I’ll still be doing other signings and presentations in Seattle, but the ‘tour’ will have completed.

So is it time to create the Kindle version?  As an author, I’m actually kind of hesitant.

Amazon received my books 6 months ago and I still have yet to receive a royalty check.

What makes Kindle different?

But my publishing of the book wasn’t only about reimbursement, it was about spreading the word of what I and my Reiki community have done.

Kindle would reach more people.  Not everyone wants a hard copy book, as much as I find that hard to believe, I have to surrender my old-fashioned ideas around reading material.

Having an e-book is yet one other format and one other path for someone who wants to learn about Reiki and what they can do with the system.

I think it’s time to ignite that fire, Kindle or no Kindle, I get ready to strike the match.


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