Being back in high school as a Reiki master

That was the dream I was having waking up this morning.  I was back at Clifton High School, as me now, going through classes being the adult I have become.

So imagine that teenager in that photo being Eileen, Reiki master, walking through the halls.

It was very, very cool…to be able to see my fellow students in their sufferings rather than their wacky behaviors and outfits.

To realize the guidance counselors and other staff I knew then and see them for the true helpers they really were rather than just ‘goofy’ adults.

Often with high school dreams in the past I had a sense of, “Help!  Wait, I’m not supposed to be here!” and wake up kind of panicky, like I just missed getting stuck into a re-run of my life.

But with this one, I was more exploring and discovering what it would  have been like to have the awareness of the world I have now, then.

Gym class, which for me, was always stressful because of sensing all the energies of everyone having an hour to freely express, was actually fun (in the dream).

I saw how each part of the high school experience was part of  a greater whole.

Not sure what all this means, I’m not a dream analyst, but perhaps it has something to do with the deep bodywork I had yesterday in a trade with my dear Reiki colleague, Shelly.

A lot of release happened, and clearing.  Maybe high school is the first step.  What’s next, 8th grade?  I’ll have to wait until dreamtime to see…..


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