Another day of jumping into the Reiki pool

From teaching the vets yesterday to teaching the public Reiki 2 today.  Tomorrow is a day off!

Doing this much Reiki (including numerous clients from last week) tends to keep me in the realm of non-ordinary reality.

What’s that like?  Things appear and disappear with intention.  It’s really kind of interesting.

Yes, it’s magical, but as I always stress in my classes, it’s important to still be grounded in reality.

So obviously, I enjoy taking these plunges, but I do like coming back to what I can see, hear, smell, taste and touch with predictability.

Non-ordinary reality can often take a wild ride, it’s really an unlimited potential field.  That’s kind of cool, but overwhelming at times.

So after playing in the Reiki pool, I think I’ll dry out for a day and return again on Tuesday as I plunge back in when I’m at East West!


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