Becoming Truly Human

The journey of teaching Reiki is always a process through which one is blatantly reminded of what it is to be human.

The sufferings, the pain, the struggles we all go through to find our calling.

Dealing with loss, making decisions, trying desperately to find truth.

This is not for the faint of heart.

I can say that inevitably, truth does prevail, but the circuitous way we all get to it is unique and individual to one’s path.

Some, like myself, have spent time moving all around the country, back and forth several times in order to find a place to ‘call home’.

Relationships that no longer served my truth had to be let go or if they were meant to be, they changed and adapted as I changed and transformed.

This process is both a stripping away, like removing caked on layers of dust, matted down onto my essence.

The process has been painful at times, each layer, a letting go.  But slowly, sometimes seemingly without effort, the dust is finally gone and the only thing that remains is my true human self.

Baring all to the world is incredibly vulnerable, but it’s also the way in which pure light can finally shine.

Becoming truly human is worth the journey, worth the pain, worth the loss.  Because in the end, the gain is so much more than one can only imagine.


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