Coincidence as a signpost for the journey

You know you are on the right path when coincidence occurs. Just yesterday, I met a handyman who came to do work at my sanctuary.  Turns out he’s studying to be a yoga therapist when he isn’t installing shower doors.

We know a lot of the same teachers and people in his field as well as various schools he has studied at.

Makes me appreciate that shower door even more, and that the expense of having it updated and installed was ‘the right thing to do’.

When moments like that happen in my life, I take a few moments afterwards to pause and honor the phenomenon of coincidence and serendipity.

Life has taught me that those occurrences are in fact sign posts..the universe lining up in your favor.

When things ‘don’t click’ and they feel ‘out of line’, well, in fact, that’s what’s going on.

Time to get back to center.  From your own center you can get back on track and in the flow where you aren’t forcing something to occur.

I write about this phenomena more in my book and I’m sure I”ll have more to say as life presents a new sign and direction.  If I trust it, it will open yet another door.


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