We are all connected

If anyone tells you different, they are wrong!  We think we are so separate, because we have our individual bodies, our own thoughts, our personalities.

I live in this house, you live over there, you are Italian, I am American, etc.

But we all still breathe the same air, we drink water that ultimately comes from the same source.

My body has the same needs as yours:  to rest, to eat, to sleep, to eliminate, to receive pleasure and love.

But, in essence, we are the same.  And in that unity we are connected.

When we feel alone it’s only a perception.  I tend to take time for a deep breath when I have that feeling and realize that billions of other people and animals and plants are also taking that breath.

Connection returns.

Even if you live as a hermit, or recluse, you are still able to touch and be touched by the world, by the energy of the giant hum that is occurring right now under your feet.

Enjoy that, embrace it, and receive the wisdom it has to offer.


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