Waiting for answers

I’m usually ok waiting to hear back from inquiries I have sent out…however….when the stakes get higher, like financial information I am needing, the waiting period seems to stretch out even more.

Ugh.  It’s not fun.  My over-active imagination goes into hyper-drive and I start making up all kinds of possibilities.  Maybe they didn’t get my email or phone call, I’ll try again.  Maybe they don’t remember me.  Uh-oh, that’s not good when it comes to one’s finances!

My worry-wort self needs a container, so I’ve created a ‘Universe Jar’ where I put all my fears into, especially waiting for answers that are pressing.

The jar helps.  Reiki comes to the aid of soothing my nerves.

And, while I’m waiting for answers, I can always turn to ‘plan B’ in case the inquiry doesn’t work out, right?

So any extra anxiety get’s channeled into formulating plan B.  There, phew!


Life is far from predictable.  Sometimes I wish my crystal ball was a little stronger when I’m waiting, waiting, waiting….

But for now, I surrender to the Universe Jar and ask for the highest and best outcome!

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