Construction disturbs chi

I don’t need to read this in a book on Feng Shui, I know from my sensitive Reiki self that any kind of construction disturbs the naturally flowing chi.

Yesterday, I had a new shower door installed.  For 4 hours I heard drilling, knocking, and banging.  My cats bolted for the outdoors as soon as they were able to.

I couldn’t be in my sanctuary with the noise either, so I went outside to paint wood that is being constructed into a shelter.

All the wood lying around, although ready to be assembled, also promotes an energy of disarray.

I’m glad there aren’t any classes this weekend, the house has to settle back in to being ‘put back together’.  So do I.

I don’t know how I’d ever cope with a remodel, I’d probably go live somewhere else.  Glad I don’t have to think about that for some time.

I think of all the people in the world who have suffered disasters, like in Japan, and all those homes and lives literally and figuratively shattered and fragmented.

Shelter and sanctuary are important places when construction is needed.  There has to be a place where the chi or ki can settle, if only a little.

But, I’ll give the installer for the shower credit.  In his spare time he’s studying to be a yoga therapist.  So while I was outside painting I heard him whistling and singing inside.  That made me smile and made my painting go a little faster.

Today, the dust is settling, tomorrow integration, hopefully can occur.


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