Rain or shine Duwamish River Blessing

The Reiki Fellowship is holding blessings at the Duwamish River today from 6-7pm and every 15th of the month through October.

The Duwamish has served as a main artery through the Puget Sound for the Native Americans before the settlers came.  Once white settlement came to the Sound, industry cropped up along the river and in the last century, much of the river had become so polluted it was declared a Superfund site.

After the first blessing we did last year, the Boeing company, who’s factory had contributed much of the pollutants to the river, had announced it was going to offer 2 million dollars for a cleanup to begin next year.

So, we decided to hold 6 monthly blessings to continue helping the transformative efforts.

It then occurred to me that other members of the community might also be interested in contributing their gifts of song, music, and healing abilities and opened the circle wider.

Enter the next phase of our blessing ceremony, where Rose De Dan, of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing brought her gift of ritual and Sha’ari Garfinkel of Inner Listening, offered her gift of the healing power of sound.  Both women were called to work with the healing of the Duwamish for years prior to our convergence.

As our 3rd ceremony began,  Rose lead us into ritual and song of the Earth Mother, Pachamama while we blew our intentions into sacred cedar that was then passed around the group.

Sha’ari took our cedar healing intentions and merged them with water from the river in her beautiful crystal bowl which she played, sending out the vibrations across park into the Duwamish below.

Then the cedar was released into the great river as participants sent Reiki and thoughts to the water.  Sha’ari played beautiful Native American flute for our contemplation and later some of us joined in toning ‘Om’.  As we did, flocks of geese came over to our group along the shore to ‘take in’ the energy we were generating as well as to be carriers for the blessing as they floated back out along the river.

As we have just begun our collaborations to effect the health of the river, the results of our efforts are still forthcoming.  But since we have begun, radio press, our local National Public Radio station has conducted an interview about our work.

Overall, the process of Duwamish blessings has reminded me of all the work I have done in gathering Reiki circles together—in effect, touching the world through Reiki.

My hope, with most gatherings I’ve facilitated is for individuals to be inspired and to help raise the consciousness of all in attendance.  With that awareness, individuals can create other healing gatherings and get involved at their local level to initiate change to their environment, community and the world.

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