Chilly but dry Reiki

At least it didn’t rain while we sent blessings to the Duwamish.  It had been down pouring all day and that one hour, 6-7pm was relatively free from the offerings of the sky.

It was chilly, I thought I was getting ready to put my yellow Reiki fleece away, but alas, it came out one more time as a group of 8 gathered in community and harmony, singing and giving blessings of cedar to the mighty river.

And what a wonderful welcome, at least 20 or so salmon fry were jumping out of the water as we gathered near the shore.

Each prayer was punctuated with a jumping fish.  A whole flock of seagulls announced their presence overhead.

Since last year, much of the debris of the factory across the river has started to become dismantled in a county-wide effort to create more natural habitat.

Every time I bless the river I feel touched by the spirit of nature.  I look forward to our next one on June 15th.


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