The ole days of Reiki

I met with my dear colleague Andrea Rae last evening, and reminisced a bit about the old days of the Reiki Training Program, at least 8 or 9 years ago.

We were just getting going, at the Maple Leaf Professional Center, holding circles, classes and sessions.

Andrea and I clicked, not just as Reiki practitioners, but also as fellow Sagittarians and writers.  It was a magical time.

Everything was new in the discovery of where we could take Reiki.We wrote a lot, much of which has become my Touching the World Through Reiki book and also did a Reiki for Children’s program one summer.

Those were the days of monthly Reiki Soundscapes, Reiki circles to live acoustic music held throughout the city.

Ah yes, were times simpler then?  In some respects, we didn’t have social media, we made hard-copy newsletters, postcards, flyers….but we were all just trying to get the program off the ground.

The initial students who have gone on to create so much light in the world:  Andrea, Michael, Lisa and Lisa, Jen, Samantha, Bob, Trudy, Kathy, Tom, Allie, Christina, Brenda, Lindsay, Bee, Tavona, Bruce and Simone, Tara, Kim, Tina, Soren, Kris, Karin, Heidi, Monica, and so many others….

And now, years later, a whole new group of students are ready to go forth into the world with their Reiki light:  Greg, Jimmy, Kelly, Alyssa, Anicka, Gwendalyn, Lisa, Jon, Sally, Therese, Melanie, Deborah, Laura, Chad…I’ve gotten to know so many incredible people over a long time, and many continue to be my closest allies and associates.  I feel very blessed.

I should create a Reiki Training Program retrospective…I’ve done a slideshow in the past, with many of the above mentioned folks included….but maybe it’s again time…that’s why added all the group pics.

Stay tuned.  As our world gets more complex, social media not withstanding, Reiki remains it’s simple and yet profound modality.  And so it is!


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