Laughter and Reiki

Gave a session the other day in which joyous bouts of laughter emerged from the client in our class.

Students have often asked me, “Is laughing with your client ok?”.  How can it not be?  It’s infectious and supportive and good for both parties.

Laughter, like crying, is a powerful release.  Many books and studies have been done on the healing potential of laughing.

I personally think it just gives the body and mind a break.  Stop being so serious!

We often think the Reiki session is going to ‘go’ a certain way…calm music, quiet Reiki, deep relaxing breaths….

But I always say ‘be prepared to be surprised’…often that little imp within us wants acknowledgement and expression.

So if you client starts laughing, laugh with them.  If you start laughing while your client is quiet, well, control yourself…it is their session afterall…

And above all, don’t take life so seriously!!!


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