Jellybean Reiki

In a recent Reiki 2 class we went over the technique of sending energy at a distance.

I mentioned that a practitioner can use a rock or photo if they prefer to have a focus for their healing intention and my student, looking down at the snacks on the table asked, “I bet you could even use a jellybean”.

Alas, this is true.

If you find you need a tangible focus for sending healing, and the nearest object is a jellybean, well, then, by all means, use it.

The candy is not the person or place you are sending light to, but rather, a proxy for that target.

If you don’t believe me, I always say, “Try it and see”.

In Reiki 2, we also talk about making a crystal or rock grid around a target to continue to hold the healing intention you are sending.

Don’t have any crystals handy, use that jellybean jar.

It’s a fun exploration into just how powerful intention can be.  And allows you as a practitioner to not be soooooo serious.

Too much serious can be too much ego=too much attachment.

Your results will be less.

So be sweet, be kind, and use those jellies, have fun and be surprised!


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