We are essence

A Reiki 2 student of mine sent healing light to my deceased grandparents.  When I asked what his impressions were, he said, “Like a wisp, a line of smoke or dust out there in the ethers”.

He then went on to say how profound the experience was of sending to someone who was passed on.

“We are all this essence, “he said.

“That’s true and pretty profound, no?” I concluded.

I’ve had similar experiences before sending to my grandparents, sending to those who have died, an ‘energy imprint’ remains.

It’s been the topic of many books and discussions through the ages of what happens to us when we die, but I’ve personally come to believe that the essence is what remains.

Some faiths call is soul or spirit, whatever it is, it is unwavering.

Life can be full of suffering and sorrow, and yet, the great equalizer is that essence.

It is unchanged by what occurs.  It continues on, perhaps becomes reborn, perhaps continues to add to the immense fabric of the universe.

When I first realized this truth years back, I was riding a train from Montana to Seattle after a long and wild road trip with friends.

On that train ride, I was reading a book by Tibetan Buddhist author Robert Thurman.

He used Buddhist terms to describe ‘essence’ but on that train, I ‘got it’.  I remember walking through the Seattle station and sighing relief that ‘this’ was not what lasts…something greater, deeper and eternal.

My life since that moment has been much more filled with gratitude and light.

The essence remains.


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