Taking back power

This last week I had been ‘frauded’ several transactions.  That is so not cool.  Why do people like to scam?  It’s such terrible karma.

So I went from victim to advocate in like a few minutes.

The heck with scammers!  You might be able to think you can take my money or my information, but ya know, I have the ‘force’ on my side.

So I did what most people would do, file complaints, claims, etc.  I don’t know if I’ll get my money back, but making the effort feels empowering!

This is not my idea of the world.  Maybe that’s my initial problem.  I’m too trusting.  I believe in mankind.

I still do after being frauded, but I’m a slight bit more cautious.  Emphasis on slight.

Too much fear, well, it’s what I’ve said, creates the darkroom in which our negatives develop.

So, yeah, I can get duped, but you know, I’m a survivor.  I learn.

That’s the important thing.

To remain a victim, is, in my opinion, a relinquishment of power.  We are all powerful, even if taken advantage of.

And I slyly smile, I know that those who have wronged, well, they’ve got karma coming to them.


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