Reiki and Rain

When you live in the Pacific Northwest it’s sort of given that you will encounter rain.  This spring was nothing like I’ve seen or most Seattlites.  April was the wettest on record.

Of course, it makes the beautiful nature that surrounds us green and rich, like an emerald our city is named after.

However, living and working in that rain, well, it kind of makes you soggy.

I’ve spent a lot of time on my heated Reiki table underneath heat lamps just trying to dry out.

I’ve blogged about sunnier places I’ve vacationed or lived in.  That’s helped.

And I know that all seasons must come to an end.

But Reiki still flows regardless of the weather, and I’m grateful for that.

We had our first Duwamish Blessing on quite a rainy day.  The river and geese didn’t seem to mind.  The practitioners a little damp, but still enthused!

So, when that next bout of rain comes, remember you can Reiki and maybe get a little heat from the Universal energy all around:)


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