Addicted to rest

Life just generally moves to fast for me.  I’m addicted to rest.  But it’s an addiction I have to find the time for!  Hah!

When I can, I sneak in a half hour or hour of rest, relaxation and Reiki.  On several occasions I have indulged in sessions lasting 2 hours or more.  Goodness!

But after resting, I feel restored.  It gives me juice that no amount of energy drink can compare with.

On my travels out and about in the world, I seek places that grant rest-sanctuaries, cathedrals, temples, spas, etc.

Yes, sight see, take in the culture, but return to a quiet space.  No talking.  No input.  The joy of silence.

I’ve built the second part of my career allowing me to have the opportunity to pursue rest as a goal.

I’m never quite satisfied with the amount I actually have (ah, the craving!), but I take what I can when I can.

I’ve been known to rest even when there is much noise around me.  If I need to go within, heck, I’m going within.

Cushy is nice, but I loved resting on tatami mats in Japan.  Or on the warm summer ground.  Something that makes me feel supported.

Then, so well trained my nervous system is, I take a few deep breaths, scan my inner awareness and within minutes am in the twilight zone toward a light sleep.

I might be addicted to rest, and, well, in a way, I think I created a self-help group for those who share the addiction, maybe the whole field of Reiki are for us rest fiends….I think it’s a wonderful compulsion to have, and I enjoy my time now to go within.


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  1. James Bulls
    May 27, 2011 @ 20:13:19

    Relaxation can be really hard sometimes; years ago when I was in the Marine Corps relaxation and taking time off to do nothing in particular made me feel guilty, as if I was “getting away with something.” It’s taken a long time, but I’ve learned to take time for myself.

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