Flying through dreams

I just woke up from a nap where in it a Reiki student told me “Did I know about Alice in Wonderland?”  As soon as she said that to me it was a trigger and the next thing I was flying over the city, buildings and diving into deep waters.

The dream was so incredibly lucid.  When I wanted to ‘stop’ in mid-air, I did.  When I wanted to go through a building or water, I did.

I met some foes along the way and became like a superhero, defeating them.

I turned into a tank (that’s right) when my foe turned into a giant transformer like thing. (I never played with these as a kid).

I was awarded 2 rings, one with a golden Japanese-style temple on it, the others, red and black triangular geometrics.

And yet, during the magnificent dream, I also knew that somewhere ‘up top’ out of the rabbit hole I had gone into was the Reiki student and circle going on from my earlier dream.

The dream went on for about 2 hours, and then the doorbell in real life literally rang with a delivery.

In half dream and waking state, I signed for the delivery and attempted to go back into the vivid and lucid dream, but I was back out of the rabbit hole.

In all my years I’ve never had such a vivid dream.  I’ve been studying languages lately, and I know that does activate various parts of the brain, so I could get very scientific about this and say my brain is integrating new connections, learning how to fly.

But I await the chance to fly and save the day again in the magical world of dreams….where you can seemingly do anything.


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  1. James Bulls
    May 30, 2011 @ 10:12:35

    I’ve never been very good at lucid dreams; I worked at them really hard a couple years ago, but I found that doing constant dream-checks throughout the day started to drive me a little crazy! I’ve had a few lucid dreams where I was able to take flight and change the characters in the dream into somebody else, but in the end I preferred just letting my dreams take me where they wanted.

    • reikitrainingprogram
      Jun 06, 2011 @ 08:06:17

      Thanks for your comment James! Apologize for not getting back to it sooner, have been on vacation which will provide the next week’s blog content for sure! Some about dreams, most about waking reality!

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