Bringing Reiki Home: The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Boomer pt. 1

In 2006, Baby Boomers age 42 to 60 totaled an estimated 78.0 million and comprised 26.1% of the total U.S. population.  Many Boomers had the opportunity of growing up when more alternative ideas were readily available and have embraced practices such as yoga, meditation and alternative care like Reiki.

Because Boomers are getting older, so are their parents and many are now shifting their roles as caregivers for their aging parents.

What I have seen in my work with Reiki as a licensed mental health counselor and former geriatric social worker are profound ways that Boomers are able to ‘bring Reiki home’ and in the process, begin to cultivate peace within themselves and their families.

Bridging Beliefs of the Generation Gap

Boomers’ parents tend to be a generation of people who lived through the Depression and WWII.  Their beliefs can sometimes be challenging when it comes to introducing the healing art of Reiki.

Many of the elderly I have met through my practice have told me of the importance their own ‘work ethic’ had on maintaining their family and society.

Taking time out for themselves translated into Sunday drives or the occasional vacation.

The idea of ‘going within’ for reflection and healing seems at odds with an attitude of ‘being all you can be’.

I found that some WWII veterans still held much grievance and prejudice toward Japan from the war.  When I talk about Reiki with these vets, I always use discernment and often have described Reiki as  ‘method of stress-reduction and pain relief’ rather than focus on the ‘ Eastern energy phenomena’.

Other belief structures, such as strong religious conviction, may also stand to challenge the practice of Reiki.

One of my students told me she was not sure how she would handle her mother’s Christian beliefs when she went home to visit.  Her mother was afraid that my student might be getting into a practice that would ‘open the channel’ for the ‘Devil’.

The website,  offers valuable answers to handle questions practicing Christians might have in receiving Reiki.

This blog is a 4 part series based on an article that is to be published in the Summer edition of Reiki News Magazine.


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