Bringing Reiki Home: The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Boomer pt. 3

One last tip for making space for healing in practical situations:

3.  Waiting in line.

Standing in line at the grocery store, a theater event, or waiting in the doctor’s office, etc.  I find that elderly that are in wheelchairs have shoulders that beg to be touched and gently held…but of course do so with their permission and as long as they are comfortable.

The technique of bringing Reiki into situations with your parents is rather straightforward.

I’ve found personally and also witnessed as a counselor and caregiver, the greater work comes from going within and getting out of the way to let as much light flow.

Honor the Pause

One of my counseling idols, Virginia Satir, talked about individuals doing their own greatest work by returning to their families of origin and bringing healing home.

Family visits often bring up ‘unfinished business’ that hasn’t been addressed, but by giving feelings space and ‘honoring the pause’ by incorporating Reiki in between conversations, activities, etc. magic can and does occur.

The biggest challenges to doing this work seem to be:

Getting out of the way of your old Self

  1. Acknowledging past wounds.

Perhaps you still hold on to the disrespect you felt from your parents when you were a child, teenager or young adult.  Maybe there is due course for the feeling as your parent did not respect your boundaries.  Acknowledging what occurred begins to open the door.  Reiki, treatments and additional counseling support can all assist in the process of healing.

  1. Letting go of your own regrets/prior patterns.

Instead of letting that old wound linger, which tends to result in repeating the patterns of how you coped when you were younger, try something new, like bringing Reiki to the situation if you end up rehashing it again.  Or try taking a break, walk away, change the subject.  In counseling, we would call this ‘redirecting’.

It may take time for the ‘new pattern’ to set, family systems are often incredibly resistant to abrupt change.  But diligence and determination will win.

When I became very active in my Reiki practice about a decade ago, I made sure I scheduled ample bodywork sessions for myself each month to help balance my own output of giving to others as well as to manage the stress of day to day.  When my parents would come to visit, I would often take my mom to the spa.  Gradually I noticed that over time, my own parents were starting to schedule bodywork, massage and/or reflexology into their own lives.

If past parental issues were around abuse and addictions, doing self-healing is as important as also working with a therapist or other healer to help you come to place of inner peace.

Tomorrow we conclude this series.


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