Touching the World Through Reiki in Corfu, Greece

My book tour had taken me all over the US and by the time I got to Corfu, Greece, I had reached my furthest point for my work, some 6,000 miles from home.

Corfu is a lush mountainous gem in the Mediterranean.  Online I had met the Reiki master, Costas Theologou through our mutual colleague, William Rand.  When I told him I was coming to Corfu on my trip, he extended out a warm welcome.

Costas and his lovely wife Janet, met us at the dock when our ship came in and immediately we felt a strong connection and started talking things metaphysical.

It’s an interesting experience to go from 3 days of traveling through Rome and Dubrovnik, as a sightseer, to then putting on my own Reiki master hat and seeing Greece totally focused through that lens.

Costas took us on a tour of his town, and then drove Richard and I out to his amazing estate, amidst hills of olive and fruit trees where he and his wife have been teaching Reiki for over a decade.

He has been the sole Greek translator for all of Karuna Reiki and we talked about the possibilities for the Reiki Training Program and my book in Greece.

Sipping coffee on his veranda, we looked out over the bay, talking about the challenges of teaching Reiki in Greece, which often sees the modality as a superstitious practice.  That mindset, combined with the current economic situation in his country was making it challenging to have Reiki as a livelihood.

I mentioned the importance of holding space for the work, regardless of views and opinions.  As we talked, the Universe seemed to resonate, and Costas received a phone call from a student interested in one of his classes.  We both smiled.

The day ended with the most amazing Greek food I have ever eaten:  Grilled lamb, tzatziki sauce, fresh pita, moussaka, and hand pressed olive oil from Costa’s own grove, which he lovingly gave me in a bottle to take back.

He said the olive tree is sacred and powerful, the leaves used as crowns by the ancients.  He took a spoonful each morning and claimed it was ‘stronger than Red Bull’!

Departing that evening, I felt completed in the mission of my book, touching the world and being touched by the influence of Reiki, a healing modality that spans the globe and defies any boundary.  A uniting force for people and world peace.


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  1. Christine and Ed
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 16:13:52

    Eileen: what a wonderful trip you had. Sounds so peaceful and exciting.

    I was wondering if you would send some Reiki to Pennsylvania. Uncle Ed is not doing all that well and has been going for ultra-sounds, colonoscopy, blood work galore and an MRI scheduled for Tuesday. He has been losing some weight, but he still looks good, (he always looks good to me! He’s my guy!) Friday, tomorrow, we are going for more blood work and a Doc appt in the afternoon. Then a very low key weekend and Monday, goes to see Dr. Chang the Gastro Doc and Tuesday the MRI. It could be something serious or maybe not, but it is really scary.

    So if you don’t mind, please send some Light our way.

    Love you bunches,

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