Ancient Greece turned me into a Foodie

If I had more time in Italy, perhaps that country would get the homage, but I spent four days traveling and eating through Greece and my palate has never been the same.  Every day, we enjoyed:

Fresh salads, with feta, kalamata olives, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Hot, baked and steaming pita bread, with sides of that luscious cucumber concoction, tzatziki sauce.  Grilled lamb or beef or shrimp savored with a chilled glass of the local retsina, wine infused with pine aroma, being made in the world for at least 2000 years.

With the history of the food came the history of the land, visiting ancient Olympia, where I ran on the track the ancient athletes once sprinted.  They built temples to their gods and goddess and I felt the power of Hera even amidst the ruins.

Near Athens is the Temple of Poseidon, still a remote area, and the god of the sea could still be perceived amongst the constant sea breeze, reminding all of the creative and destructive power of the ocean.

Santorini is considered by some to be the remnants of ancient Atlantis.  We didn’t find any Atlantians, but this kitty had some ancient wisdom he was taking a break from sharing.

As we reached Turkey, I realized that my senses and palate had been forever changed, by the climate, the land, the people, the food.  At the Parthenon I thanked the gods for the culinary infusion and awakening within.


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