Do weeds have a consciousness?

Today after teaching Reiki, I went out into my Zen garden I am creating to pick some weeds.  I chose the tall ones, easy to grab first and asked if I could let them go from this yard.  They gave themselves willingly.

But I still wonder, do they have a consciousness?  I feel all plants at some level are conscious, not quite in the same way  as humans and animals, but a knowing.

Look at the phenomena of phototropism, plants gravitating and growing towards the sun.  They kind of ‘know’ where their nutrition is coming from.

I studied a year of botany before changing majors to psychology, so I learned a few things about plants in regards to their cellular structure.  Although some of the names are different than those in animal anatomy, there is a striking similarity in which we all take in and expel.

In fact, the botanical names of plants are beautiful.  ‘Dandelion’ is translated from the French, meaning ‘Tooth of the Lion’ and if you look at the leaves, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So, when I pick weeds, I always say, “I’m sorry to do this, but this yard is not the place for you to thrive.  Tell your seedlings to plant elsewhere.  Thank you for spending time here, but, basically, it’s time to go”.

It is tedious picking weeds, for sure.  I did try the organic chemical herbicide last year and I really felt ill.  Somehow, that was a crueler way of getting rid of the plants, a suffocating, and as I felt, painful death.

So I tried that.  And choose to put on the radio, enjoy the day, talk to the weeds, and clear the garden.  My own conscious is clearer.

Next step will be creating a compost bin for them all to truly be recycled…one step at a time…for now, I’m listening to the dandelions…


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  1. James Bulls
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 09:04:40

    Good timing on this post – a project that I’ve been waiting for warm weather to start is presently underway: I’m conducting an experiment (albeit a highly unscientific one) to observe the effects of touch- and distance-Reiki on the growth of grass. On June 6th I planted three pots of grass, marked them A, B, and C, and am giving touch- and distance-Reiki for two of them – the third is a control subject.

    I don’t have an indoor lab or grow lights and I’m not carefully measuring how much water I give each plant, so I’ve settled for leaving them outside where they’ll get sun and shade through the day. I water them twice a day (unless it rains), and give touch- and distance-Reiki for the two experimental subjects for about 15 minutes a day (or maybe more or less – it really depends on how crazy my cats are behaving and whether or not my 3-y/o step-daughter wants me to push her on the swing, lol)

    I’m running this experiment until the 6th of July – I don’t know what (if any) conclusions I’ll be able to make, but so far I’m convinced that plants do have a consciousness. I can feel the welcoming pull from the grass: they drink Reiki as sure as they drink water and (unlike with humans) the Reiki always flows strongly – it seems that plants don’t create imaginary reasons to resist the healing spirit and will take all the love I offer.

    To keep the observations neutral to the experiment, my wife is the one taking measurements and making notes; she says she can see a difference already, but I’m not so sure. I’ll let you know when the experiment is done and send you a link to see the results!

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